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Our Values

Every one of our decisions is made with the client’s best interest at heart. Our core central values that guide all of our dealings with clients, suppliers and partners.

  • Integrity:

    We treat each one of our clients with honesty, dignity and integrity.

  • Respect:

    We listen carefully to our clients’ needs and desires and always take them into consideration before recommending a solution or products

  • Knowledge:

    We stay on top of trends in the world of financial planning and asset management and we share our knowledge with our clients.

  • Fairness:

    We make sure that our clients are treated with fairness and objectivity. We strive to provide services that will enhance the well-being of our clients

  • Balance:

    We seek the best possible investment returns for our clients while ensuring that their portfolio is stabled and well-balanced.

Meet our team

Luc Bessette
Luc BessetteCPCA, CFP®, CIM, FCSI
Portfolio Manager
Senior Investment Advisor
HollisWealth, a division of Industrial Alliance Securities Inc.
Insurance Advisor
Hollis Insurance.

Luc Bessette offers a wide array of services, ranging from investment planning and strategies to insurance and income tax reports. He chose to join HollisWealth in 2003 in large part because it gave him the latitude needed to serve his clients with integrity and in accordance to his personal values. Luc believes that by maintaining his independence, he can serve his clients without having a pressure to sell.

When Luc started his business in 1999, he first completed his Certified Professional Consultant on Aging (CPCA) certification, helping him understand the needs of an aging population. He later obtained the title of the CFP® or CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® designation giving him the skills needed to prepare and present detailed financial plans.

He is very clear: his loyalty is to people—with jobs, families and commitments—, not to a product. He wants his clients to clearly understand how to manage their finances and make informed decisions based on their individual needs and goals. A large share of Luc’s clientele is made up of retirees, young families, professionals and entrepreneurs. He personalizes his approach for each of them to make sure they are fully satisfied.
Luc’s dedication, strong work ethics and passion for financial planning have been key contributors to his ongoing success.

Suzie Boucher
Suzie Boucher
Executive Assistant to Luc Bessette

Originally from the Abitibi region in Quebec, Suzie completed her training as a travel consultant in 1987 at Algonquin College in Ottawa and worked in tourism until 1997.

As a mother and the spouse of a military officer, Suzie moved across Canada and abroad a number of times. Over that period, she held several positions and developed new professional skills whenever possible. Throughout the years, she proved her dedication and willingness to adapt to the needs of various organizations and clients.

Over the years, Suzie raised her family and dedicated her free time to other community activities. She is highly active and always smiling, and contributes to each project in which she’s involved with a contagious enthusiasm.

Following her return to the Ottawa area during the summer of 2012, Suzie joined Luc Bessette and the HollisWealth team as an administrative assistant. She is proud to have found her niche as part of a team that is dynamic, dedicated to its clients and committed to the values and philosophy that guide the company.